Update für Build and Defend verfügbar

Bild des Benutzers meldrian

Das Sandboxspielchen Build and Defend hat am 01. September, nach Versionsnummer 1.0.0 im August diesen Jahres, ein Update geschneidert bekommen. Fleißige Überlebenskünstler dürften und sollten bezüglich der vielen Neuerungen baldigst ein Update vornehmen.

Zu den Änderungen gehören:


  • Addition of the "squad" system for the soldiers.
  • The game pause when you open your inventory (optional, single player only).
  • Improvement of the AI of workers.
  • The workers instantly react to change of job/order (if they want to).
  • Fixing path-finding bugs (for workers and monsters).
  • Remove bubble over workers.
  • Animation of the areas when defining new areas.
  • Addition of icons in the player task menu.
  • New tutorial slide (showing the controls).
  • Fixing bugs related to new terrain engine for the unit tester mode.
  • Fixing catapult trajectory display.
  • Most monsters do not stack in top of each other anymore (introduction of repulsion between monsters).
  • Addition of the carrots (eating material).
  • Workers have items in their hands when they do actions.
  • You start with a wood sword and 4 gold coins (instead of 12 gold coins).
  • Addition of the wood sword.
  • Increase of the range of the swords.
  • Improvement of visual effects of the swords.
  • You cannot hit your team with the sword anymore.
  • Increase of the damages of the words when loading with energy (x2).
  • Change of the music of bosses.
  • Fixing blinking of shopkeeper at the beginning of multiplayer games.
  • Put back the chat behind the inventory.
  • Fix sheep being stupid when able to reproduce.


  • Fixing sword display in multiplayer.
  • Improvement of the AI of the diggers (no more lag at day 13).

Wer das Spiel nicht kennt sei an den Artikel zu Build and Defend, die Homepage oder das unten angehängte Video verwiesen. Viel Spaß.