MegaGlest und Annex Beta 2

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MegaGlest und Annex Beta 2

Von: MegaGlest announcements
Betreff: [MegaGlest-announce] MegaGlest released - Free Software multi-player 3D real-time strategy game
Datum: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 10:33:33 +0100

MegaGlest, the latest stable version of the free multi-player 3D
real-time strategy game for Linux, Windows, OS X was released today and
is now available for download at



Title: MegaGlest
Current Version:
Release Date: January 25, 2011
Platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, others
Game type: Real-time strategy
Game engine: MegaGlest Engine
License: GPL 3 (engine), CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported (data)
Developer & Publisher: MegaGlest Team


General project news:

  • MegaGlest will replace Glest in Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" and
  Debian GNU/Linux "Wheezy"

  • MegaGlest Total conversion 'Annex: Conquer the World' 1.0beta2


MegaGlest release news (compared to prev. major release 3.5.2):


  • Bugfix for vertex buffer object (VBO) code which previously caused
  crashes with certain video drivers

  • Bugfix for regressions which prevented clients from joining Windows
  game servers and broke headless server mode on Windows

  • Fontconfig bugfix to ensure package management maintained fonts are
  properly detected on all widespread Linux distributions

  • Various fixes to cmake build system
  • End of game statistics now always fit on screen


  • G3D plugin for blender 2.61 (thanks to Love Heaven and Yggdrasil)
  • Unit selection workaround for problematic OpenGL drivers
  • a few bug fixes over


  • Enhanced AI plays smarter and responds more quickly
  • 15 supported languages with automatic detection, UTF-8 support and
  in-game language switching:
  Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek,
  Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

  • OS X support and packages - thanks Weltall
  • Headless server mode allows for hosting dedicated game servers
  • New game intro
  • In-game team switching and pausing of network games
  • Lots of improvements to: multi-player chat, mod menu, options for

  game modifications / total conversions, extended scripting support.
  Megapack balancing and Romans faction gameplay, music presentation,
  low food indication, multi-player game configuration, automatic
  router configuration (UPnP)

The entire changelog can be accessed at


During the game, each player picks one of seven factions (Magic, Tech,
Indian, Persian, Norsemen, Egyptians, Romans), makes workers harvest
resources and build a settlement, explores new technologies and conquers
one of more than 50 maps.

For new players, three tutorials provide a solid introduction to this
colorful and atmospheric game, which, besides background music, ambient
sounds and sound effects also comes with weather and daytime effects.
MegaGlest provides support for up to eight networked (Internet or LAN)
or AI controlled players. Internet games can be published and tracked on
a master server. Additional game mods can be installed for free from an
in-game menu. The game is available in English and currently eight
other languages. Advanced players can extend the game using a map and
model editor, and can add maps, tilesets, scenarios, tutorials and factions.


MegaGlest runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, OS X and several other
platforms (such as AROS). Ubuntu 8.04 to 11.10 (i686 and x86_64), Debian
GNU/Linux 6.0 and Windows XP to 7 (32 and 64 bit) have been tested
successfully. To play, a video card supporting OpenGL 1.4 and suitable
drivers, a sound chip providing OpenAL support and suitable drivers, a
modern x86 CPU with 1.5 GHz clock speed or better, 1.0 GB RAM, 1 GB free
hard disk space and, to play online, a broadband Internet connection
with low or medium latency, are required.


In early 2010, this Free Software / open source game was forked off
Glest, whose development ceased in early 2008. MegaGlest's development
continues under new project lead of the MegaGlest Team, consisting of
Titi_Linux, Softcoder, TomReyn and many other contributors. An in-depth
discussion of MegaGlests' history is available in the September 2011
OSArena interview by Bill Toulas, available at


More information and downloads are available on the MegaGlest website:

We highly recommend to read the installation instructions at

and the Get Started guide at

More in-depth information is available in the README file which also
ships with the game, can be read at install time, and is accessible at

Frequently asked questions are discussed at

Please report your experiences on our forums at

and submit bug reports at


To receive notifications on future releases please subscribe to the low
volume newsletter at

MegaGlest is also using the social web, please see our website for links
to our, Twitter, Facebook, Flattr, Youtube and ModDB sites.

To support the game, you can add to its development, help testing and
report bugs or donate by various means at


Please help us spread the word! If you need any game logos, screenshots,
videos or similar please feel free to reuse those provided on our
website (but please host them yourself). If you are interested in
forming a media partnership with us, would like to receive a
pre-compiled media package or have any special needs, please get in
touch by e-mail at


Please also subscribe to our announcement list (see 'future' section).

Enjoy your games, and please share (and play) MegaGlest with your best
friends and colleagues,

The MegaGlest Team

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