[EN-US] Satellite Rush Alpha Version for Linux

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[EN-US] Satellite Rush Alpha Version for Linux

Hallo! Guten Tag :)

I'm sorry to be posting in English, I've been having trouble to find Linux gaming community, and since this is one of the biggest ones, thought I might try to post in here :)

My name is Andre and I work at Kimeric Labs, an indie game studio from Rio de Janeiro. We are developing a game called Satellite Rush, a sci-fi top down shooter with pixel art graphics and roguelike elements.

We're making efforts to make the game available on Linux, and there's an available demo build for download in the project page:

I'm really looking for feedback on different Linux distributions for our Linux version, so it would be amazing the have the community feedback!

We are also launching a Kickstarter campaign for our project, "Satellite Rush" today. Here's the link:

We're needing a lot of help to make the project come to life. It would be awesome if you could help us by sharing our Kickstarter campaign (and donating maybe?).

Thank you very much for your time!

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Thanks for the info. Usually you can contact us via email on contact -at- holarse-linuxgaming dot com. You can find more linux gaming sites on our link page.

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I tested it today for some minutes on mobile hardware. It runs very smooth with high details on an older HP Pavillion dm1 netbook with opensuse tumbleweed.

- AMD E2-1800 APU with 2 cores and Radeon HD 7340
- Resolution 1366*768 with fglrx

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Game plays well on ArchLinux out of the box.

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I know that this is a bit late but the demo works flawless for me too. Even my game controller "Gembird JPD-DUALFORCE" works.
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