ATI-Treiber 9.1 mit OpenGL-3 Support

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Der Grafikkarten-Hersteller AMD/ATI hat die Version 9.1 seiner properitären Treiber ATI Catalyst für seine Radeon-Chipsätze veröffentlicht.

Die neuen Features der Version sind laut Release Notes:

Folgende Probleme wurde laut Release Notes behoben:

The following section provide a brief description of resolved issues with the latest
version of the ATI Catalyst™ Linux software suite. These include:
• An incorrect error message is no longer returned when applying an unsupported
TV geometry in a console terminal. Further details can be found in
topic number 737-35212
• Configuring the OS to run in dualhead mode may cause both displays to
become shredded and unusable
• Configuring the driver for a secondary adapter using the command “aticonfig
--enable-monitor=auto” may cause the system to stop responding
• After running “aticonfig --lscc” the CrossFire™ candidate adapters are listed
as “none”
• Linux third instance of xserver may show video corruption when enabled on
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
• Linux Desktop fails to render in SuSE 11 with ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
in big desktop mode
• Xserver fails to start on ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
• Vertical sync tearing issues may be noticed with the following Catalyst Control
Center settings “Wait for Vertical refresh” and “Off, unless application
specifies” have been applied
• Segmentation fault may occur on OpenGL call glTexSubImage2D
• System does not switch to “Optimal Performance” when running on AC
power and returning from sleep
• Secondary display will not be set to 640 x 480 on restart of the xserver
• Unable to start dual head mode after installing driver from aticonfig
• Playing back a MPEG2 file in hardware accelerated mode may intermittently
stop and outputs error to console window
• Mplayer may stop responding when returning from S3/S4 sleep
• Ubuntu segmentation fault may occur when installing the driver from the aticonfig
command line
• Screen corruption may be noticed when starting Nexuiz
• Indirect OpenGL rendering fails when dual-head mode has been enabled
• System may become unresponsive when multi adapter displays are enabled in
the reverse order of the adapters
• Some video clips may show stuttering and corruption during playback in
• No video displayed during playback of H.264 media file on certain Mobile
ATI Proprietary Linux Release Notes 8
• Open GL Linux: AIGLX not enabled by default on Ubuntu 8.10 64bit
• Running Quake4 on some CrossFire™ systems may cause the system to
become unresponsive
• Moving glxgears window may show some screen corruption
• Softimage XSI v7.0: Models with over 15 million triangles may load with
some screen corruption
• Texture error may be noticed while playing any media file using Mplayer
• Catalyst Control Center shows incorrect Bus Capability and Maximum Setting
as AGP 12x in CCCLE
• Bus type is shown as PCI instead of PCI Express 2.0 in the Catalyst Control
Center's Information page
• Catalyst Control Center Information page shows incorrect bus type (PCI as
• Catalyst Control Center may not start after clicking desktop icon or running
from terminal window
• Catalyst Control Center does not load when Xinerama is enabled with three or
more displays
• Catalyst Control Center power play aspects is not available
• Catalyst Control Center: Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering pages grayed
out for secondary adapter on enabling 'Xinerama'
• Catalyst Control Center: enabling display with Xinerama may cause 2 x 2 virtual
desktops to overlap
• Catalyst Control Center: Anti-Alias controls are greyed out on ATI FireGL

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