CrossOver Games 7.1.0

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Scheinbar ohne eine öffentliche Beta, gibt es nun das nächste Final Build von Crossover Games.

Hier mal das Changelog:

CrossOver Games 7.1.0

  • The gamma control should behave better now. It doesn't change the gamma on Macs to blue on application exit any longer
  • The death screen in Team Fortress 2 on radeon cards should be fixed now. Also the G-Man intro is fixed on those cards
  • Reflective(environment-mapped) surfaces in Portal work now on Macs with Geforce 8 cards
  • The Final Fantasy XI benchmark should run again. This was broken since CrossOver Games 7.0.
  • Civilization 4 leader faces should render now on Macs
  • Fixed a texturing bug on the earth on the Civ4 main screen.
  • Half Life 2 should run again
  • Flickering objects in Guild Wars should be fixed
  • A bug causing crashes on certain CS:S and TF2 MOTDs is fixed
  • A few regressions in unsupported applications are fixed
  • Many Wine updates, including a full merge from the Wine 1.0 release.

Eine 7 Tage Demo des Programmes kann man unter dem folgendem Link anfordern.

Danke an PlayX für die Info.