Jagged Alliance: Der Stracciatella-Flashback

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Unter dem Jagged-Alliance-Himmel tut sich was:

Jagged Alliance: Flashback

Um ein neues Jagged Alliance auf den Linux-Desktop zu "kicken", brauchen die Entwickler von Full Control aus Dänemark unsere Unterstützung oder konkreter: Unser Geld! Es werden 350.000 $ benötigt um die ganze Sache als "funded!" zu bezeichnen.

Jagged Alliance 2: Stracciatella

Gennady aus The Bear's Pit Forum führt die Arbeit an Trons JA2-SDL-Port fort und ermöglicht nun u. a. Unterstützung für Hohe Auflösungen.

Update 2013-03-13:
    Added support for high video resolutions. For example, game can be
    started in 1024x768 mode like this: ja2.exe -res 1024x768
    Any reasonable resolution should work.
    Some bugfixes from this forum have been integrated.
    Map editor is now included into the game exe.
    Start it with command-like key '-editor' or '-editorauto'.
    Map editor requires Editor.slf to work. High resolution is also supported.
    Binary package for Mac OS X is available for download.

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Gerade mal den neuen Jagged Alliance 2: Stracciatella Port probiert und spontan hingelegt dabei.

michael@michael-TA75M:~/ja2-stracciatella$ ./ja2 
Configuration file:            '/home/michael/.ja2/ja2.ini'
Root game resources directory: '/home/michael/ja2'
Data directory:                '/home/michael/ja2/data'
Tilecache directory:           '/home/michael/ja2/data/tilecache'
ERROR: caught unhandled exception:
Opening file 'interface/sirtechsplash.sti' failed
Creating an emergency savegame failed.
Please report this error with a description of the circumstances.

Fixed by reading the godDamnManual ;)

If you installed not English version of the original game, but one of the
localized varieties (e.g. French or Russian), you need to start ja2.exe
with parameter telling which version of the game you are using.
For example, with French version of the original game, use following
./ja2 -resversion FRENCH