OpenRA Release 20110511

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Heute wurde die freie C&C-Reimplementation OpenRA von den Entwicklern in dem neuen Release 20110511 freigegeben. Die Änderungen der Engine für Spiele auf Basis von Command and Conquer: Der Tiberiumkonflikt und Command and Conquer: Alarmstufe Rot umfassen:

  • Engine
    • Fix hotkeys firing on both key down and key up
    • Allow C4 delay to be configurable
    • Text field support for home and end keys
    • Fix world actor being owned by Creeps player (causing Neutral to be hostile) on new maps
    • Include gpu vendor string in graphics.log for unsupported cards
    • Fix crash with some aud files
    • Fix a rare crash when a repairing building is killed
    • Improvements to HackyAI
    • Generalize capture logic to work for any actor types
    • Support RA2-style missile trails
    • Fix helicopters failing to attack targets in some situations
    • Fix 'exploit detected' when using hotkeys on another players units
    • Relinquish spawn point in the game lobby when entering a spectator slot
    • Fix maps with >8 spawnpoints in the game lobby
    • Yaml loader crashes correctly when trying to inherit from a nonexistant actor
    • Yaml loader crashes correctly when trying to remove a nonexistant trait
    • Modding support for multiple player palettes
    • Fix several crashes when installing packages
    • Many other general engine improvements
  • C&C:
    • Fix Viceroid target-scan radius
    • Fix map-placed SAM-sites not being able to attack
    • Commando voice clip when built
    • Commando voice clip after kills

  • RA:
    • New unit: Supply truck for donating funds to another player
    • Pilots (sometimes) parachute from shot down planes
    • Bounties on killed units
    • Use RA2 style missile trails
    • New GPS logic
    • New map: Pressure by seru
  • Packaging:
    • Utility writes a log to support dir when crashing
    • Support for Ubuntu 11.04
    • Fix osx crash when run from a path with spaces