Steel Storm Weapon Pack DLC verfügbar

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Im eShop des Entwicklungsstudios Kot-in-Action ist jetzt das Steel Storm Weapon Pack für Steel Storm verfügbar. Es kostet €1,25 (siehe hier).

Hier die Beschreibung aus dem Onlineshop:

  • Advanced Beam Cannon: Raw power at the tip of your finger. A controllable, continuously emitting purple beam of energy is designed to lead enemies or opponents with ease and burn them to ashes.
  • Repair Gun: Lose your Friendly Tank no more! This amazing tech repairs and resurrects friendly units and co-op buddies on the go!
  • Booster: Grab your booster and become a hasty nemesis to your foes! Strap this baby on to go supersonic, outrun projectiles and outmaneuver your enemies and opponents.

Der Download enthält die Windows und Linux-Version.