Warsow 1.5 erschienen

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Der Open Source Shooter Warsow ist in Version 1.5 erschienen. Neuerungen sind diesmal:


  • Feature: added built-in HTTP server (TCP port 44444) to serve UI AJAX queries and file downloads to clients.
  • Feature: added localization support to User Interface and HUD (the language is autodetected at the first startup).
  • Feature: added support for TrueType and OpenType fonts.
  • Feature: distinguish between left and right ALT, SHIFT, CTRL key presses.
  • Feature: gzip-compression of demo files.
  • Feature: dropped support for Quake1 and Quake2 maps.
  • Feature: dropped support for bitmap fonts.
  • Improvement: entities with active events use distance-based server side culling (prevents fast moving players from suddenly appearing in POV).
  • Improvement: optimized cinematics playback by offloading YCbCr->RGB color-space conversion to the GPU.
  • Improvement: domain names for master servers are resolved asynchronously at startup to prevent slow or N/A DNS servers from blocking.
  • Improvement (Linux): updated input code to use XInput2.
  • Improvement (Linux): hint the window manager to bypass compositing in fullscreen mode.
  • Improvement: increased the maximum number of simultaneously loaded models, sounds and shaders.
  • Bugfix: fixed various audio/video synchronization issues with cinematics.
  • Bugfix: force vertical synchronization during playback of fullscreen cinematics.
  • Bugfix: resampled Ogg/Vorbis sounds had the looping position set to wrong value.
  • Bugfix: editing a democam or adding a new one doesn't break spline paths.


  • Improvement: Revamped wdm2 visuals.
  • Improvement: Improved wdm12 lighting.
  • Bugfix: added missing clips to wbomb6.


  • Improvement: upgraded Jason Padpork player model.


  • Feature: Added 5 new tracks from Warsow OST.


  • Feature: moved renderer from the engine core to separate DLL.
  • Feature: rewritten rendering backend, GLSL2+-compatible.
  • Feature: GLSL shaders are now loaded from disk allowing customization and easing development.
  • Feature: added support for foliage surfaces and instanced rendering.
  • Feature: added 'soft particles' effect to explosions and halo shaders.
  • Feature: added FXAA support.
  • Feature: added RGB shadowmaps (fallback rendering path when GL_ARB_shadow extension isn't available).
  • Feature: added r_brightness cvar, useful for monitors that are too dark.
  • Feature: removed planar stencil shadows.
  • Feature: removed bloom.
  • Feature: removed r_ignorehwgamma cvar and associated functionality.
  • Feature: removed r_lighting_diffuse2heightmap cvar and associated functionality.
  • Improvement: Q3A shader commands previously processed on the CPU are now processed in vertex shaders on the GPU.
  • Improvement: optimized shadowmaps and changed them to use orthographic projection.
  • Improvement: added LOD support to shadowmaps (shadowmaps dynamically lower their resolution depending on the distance to the viewer).
  • Improvement: optimized VRAM footprint on modern GPUs for maps and models using half-precision floats.


  • Feature: added misc_video_speaker entity to steam synchronized samples from the nearby videomap shader with audio spatialization.
  • Feature: added func_timer entity.
  • Feature: added target_relay entity.
  • Feature: added target_delay entity.

HUD scripting:

  • Feature: new drawing commands: drawStringRepeat, drawStringRepeatConfigString
  • Feature: added new set of font commands: setFontFamily, setSpecialFontFamily, setFontSize and setFontStyle.
  • Feature: added #WEAP_INSTAGUN constant.
  • Improvement: improved scoreboard sorting (thanks hettoo).
  • Improvement: upgraded crosshair images to higher resolution (thanks adem).
  • Feature: removed setFont command.
  • Feature: removed %MATCH_TIME variable.


  • Feature: TAB-completion of player names in chat box.
  • Feature: added callvotes menu.
  • Feature: added "Watch on TV" button to chasecam menu.
  • Feature: Added Russian, Japanese, Frenсh, Polish, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Italian, Finnish localizations (language can be set manually with the “lang” console command).
  • Bugfix: fixed rare crash in server browser menu.


  • Feature: CTRL+MWHEEL up/down increases/decreases console font size.
  • Feature: added TAB-completion for "demo", "cinematic", "exec", "whois" and "stats" commands (thanks hettoo).
  • Feature: "imagelist" and "shaderlist" commands now accept glob pattern as an optional parameter.
  • Feature: CTRL+R now does bash-style command history search.
  • Feature: CTRL+C now works in Linux (thanks Kalhartt).


  • Change: changed knockback from splash weapons from linear to quadratic and removed horizontal distance clamping.
  • Change: changed riotgun pattern from spiral to a more traditional one, with wider horizontal spread.
  • Feature: added cg_gun_alpha console variable to control gun opacity.
  • Feature: picked up items now leave ghost trails in warmup mode.
  • Feature: allow vote changing. The maximum number of changes is controlled with server console variable g_vote_maxchanges (thanks hettoo).
  • Feature: added opcall "specstotv" which moves spectators to connected TV servers.
  • Improvement: improved autojoin balancing (thanks hettoo).
  • Improvement: optimized AI code.
  • Improvement: default movement physics are now closer to old movement style
  • Bugfix: map rotation now considers the current map too (thanks hettoo).
  • Bugfix: maps were always missing one spawn indicator.
  • Bugfix: walljumps had direction bias (more obvious on larger maps).
  • Bugfix: removed silent bits from hit sounds (thanks adem).


  • Feature: game modules are now C++ - compatible.
  • Feature: AngelScript 2.28.1.
  • Bugfix: fixed compilation with Clang.
  • Improvement: map models (prefabs) are now bundled with SDK.
  • Improvement: C-compatibility layer removed from Angelwrap library.


  • Change: downgraded to libpng 1.2.