Trulon: The Shadow Engine

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Headup Games announces a new partnership with Lillbacka Powerco Oy and Kyy Games for the imminent Steam release of Trulon: The Shadow Engine for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The unique RPG is based in the beautiful steampunk fantasy world of Trulon, inspired by the novel from the game’s author Johan Lillbacka and award winning American writer Jak Koke, who is already known from the best-selling Shadowrun trilogy, The Dragon Heart Saga.

To feature a great variety in its battles and deepen the strategy, Trulon: The Shadow Engine comes with a unique card combat system that combines traditional deck management with random elements. The tactics are intuitively activated using over 50 cards in an easy to play way that make both RPG veterans and new players feel immediately at home.

Trulon: The Shadow Engine features a deep story due to multi-faceted characters instead of good and evil separation like in many other RPG’s. The players will control four different characters, led by the enchanting Gladia. They team up to adventure through the Trulon Universe where a mysterious disease has spread through the kingdoms of Tripudia and Maelon. Using magical tactics, they try to survive the action packed battles against many different monsters and exciting steampunk machines.

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