Black of Space

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Explore, Expand, Extinguish.

Black of Space aims to be a high quality, 2D, space RTS set in the distant future. It aims to be a serious cross platform alternative to one-platform non-free RTS games.


    * Realistic scales, fight in a solar system with real kilometers and meters and not frigates 1/10th the size of planets.
    * Real space strategy, adapt and survive in an environment where imposing choke points is difficult.
    * Competitive AI that does not compromise. Difficulties ranging from beginner to (maybe literally) impossible.
    * Fit your own ships with equipment for specific roles in your fleets.
    * No research caps. Research anything as high as you want!
    * Smooth performance even on older hardware.
    * High quality soundtrack by Insan3Lik3.
    * Genuine Hubble and other NASA images provide a realistic universe.

This project is currently entering the alpha stage. The purpose of the alpha stage is to collect information on bugs in the product and gameplay issues. The game is not in its final state and has a lot of room for improvement. This is the first of 3 releases, the final one should be a high quality finished product.


Das Projekt ist seit 2010 nicht mehr aktiv.

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