Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green

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Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green (BMTG3) is a side-scrolling or 1-dimensional strategy game that pits two people against each other in a duel over a stretch of land. Each player is positioned in a bunker at opposite ends of the map and tasked with deploying the right personnel and vehicles to capture FOBs (forward operating bases) and overrun your enemies bunker. Currently there are 5 different units available with more to come. Timing, unit selection, and basic strategy are all necessary for success.

BMTG3 Screenshot Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green is a game I have been wanting to make for a while now and I started work on it in April of 2008 through June 2008 while I was deployed to Afghanistan. I spent some time working on it from December 2008 to February 2009. I have recently re-involved myself with the project in August 2009. So it appears that there is a 6 month cycle for new releases. My job in the US Air Force demands a lot of my time, as well as my newborn girl, wife, and school. Despite all these distractions I am making steady progress. I am finishing my CS degree so time is crunched. In 2010 I will do my best to get on a more regular schedule and maybe get this project going in a more official sense.

I am using SDL, C++, and a lot of patience do develop this game. I am by no means a professional and this project is just a fairly involved hobby of mine. I am trying to make this game available on as many platforms as possible including Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, etc. Currently the game has a Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X version available and source code is available for those of you that wish to brave porting it (its fairly trivial because of SDL and OpenGL).

BMTG3 is currently in an Alpha stage. While not pretty, it does the basics of loading levels, character interaction and has a rudimentary GUI. I should probably post my release plan so that everyone can see what is done and what is coming next. Anyway, check out the releases I have put up on the download page, let me know what you think of the code, and lend me a hand if your up to it!

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