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Webseiten Offline. Die auf GitHub genannte Domain ist eine Weiterleitung welche nichts mit dem Spiel zu tun hat.


Radakan ist ein Open Source Einzelspieler Rollenspiel in einer einzigartigen dunklen Fantasywelt.

Originalinhalt der Webseite:

Radakan is a hard, dangerous world for its inhabitants, and you're just one of them. You never will be the big, bright hero that fights against hordes of creatures in an afternoon. Instead, players have to be careful and aware of the risks they take. Every action can mean the difference between survival and death. You will seldom be forced to fight, but violence will always be an option.

Players should enjoy and explore the world of Radakan. We want an unique setting instead of falling back on fantasy stereotypes. Unique races, vegetation and places should help to make the game feel lively and interesting giving us the opportunity to narrate new complex stories.

From the player perspective, Radakan is a sandbox°, where every choice has its consequences. We planned to have multiple main storylines, to allow the player to pick the storyline(s) that suit his character best. This way we won't force players to follow our expectations.

We're also planning intelligent NPC behavior. For example, attacks will make people fight or flee, instead of standing idle waiting for their turn to be slaughtered.

Zitat von der Website: "Because the lack of momentum, especially on the modeling and writing side, I've decided to not longer work on Radakan. "

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Crystal Space Engine? Sieht so aus wie :)