Always Remember Me

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The story is about Amarantha Fitch, Amy for the friends, who works in an ice cream parlor during the summer to pay for her studies.
One day, while getting back home with her boyfriend Aaron, they have a car accident, and the result is that Aaron suffers from short term amnesia: he doesnt remember her anymore!

Don't be fooled by the cute anime art, this game is a detailed life simulation, allowing the player to move in several different locations and perform different actions.
The actions change based on several factors like player statistics, energy, morale, day of the week and part of the day.

Your goal in the game is to win the heart of one of the four dateable characters: Aaron, your boyfriend that doesn't remember you anymore, Eddy, a young doctor you met in the hospital after the accident, Hugh, a boy that hangs around some of your friends and wants to become a fashion designer and finally Lawrence, your shy workmate at the ice cream parlor!

Das Spiel wird produziert von WINTER WOLVES & TYCOON GAMES und erscheint für Windows, Mac OSX und Linux. Der Kauf enthält alle drei Plattformen. Eine Demo-Version ist für alle Plattformen verfügbar.

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